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Los Angeles helicopter tour
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I want to thank you for taking Maurice and I for the tour. It gave me such a different perspective of LA and area. I also want to tell you that I love your passion and enthusiasm. In this economic climate it was so refreshing to here you say that it is a time of opportunity.
It was a pleasure to meet you, wishing you and your family a happy holiday.

Los Angeles

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

I’m afraid of heights but I enjoyed myself and I’d do it again. It was a safe trip, great helicopters and awesome views.

Robert Powers
St. Paul MN

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Wow, What an adventure. The guys here at Adventure Helicopter Tours are great. The facility, crew and helicopters are amazing. I will fly again ASAP, oh and the views were breathtaking.

Miami, FL

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

I got this trip for my wife Jen’s Birthday and it was everything we expected and more! Avis our pilot was fantastic. Great views of all the LA attractions. This won’t be our last flight.

Thanks to Vaughn and Avis for the experience!
Ken Doyle

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Excellent experience. Covering great distances, beautiful views good commentary and top class pilots.

W Heindl
Hong Kong

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Happy Birthday to me! This was wonderful experience from my husband Russell.

Thank you Adventure Helicopters.
Amy Seastone

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

What a birthday present! I have to buy my girlfriend Claudia the same gift on her birthday. Truly unique experience.

Matt Plomell

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

This experience was awesome. Being afraid of heights – I didn’t even think about once. Such smooth take off and landing. Like you’re in a Cadillac, but in air. Celebrating my 48th birthday with my friend, I will never forget it!

Thank you
Penny P

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Vaughn and Avis are excellent hosts. I highly recommend anyone to take this adventure. (Esp. on the MD 520 Notar.

Thanks for a great time
Richard Funiant

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Great Time! We’ll tell all our friends. Very professional.

Chris and Brett

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Totally freaking cool. Love the tour and the pilot rocked. Couldn’t feel a thing but I smiled the whole time.

Totally recommend doing this.
Kamal & Rauin Shah
New Orleans

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Very Cool! How often can you see LA from this perspective? Nowhere else but Adventure Helicopter Tours in Los Angeles. We will do this again!

Thanks for the thrill!
Garrett and Marilyn Morrison
Sacramento, CA

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Incredible views! Awesome flight and the best thing about the trip was the service.

Thanks to Avis & Vaughn, you guys rock!
Katrina Robinson & Michelle Gibson

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Came from Australia, the best bit of this trip was Adventure Helicopter Tours. Would do it again. Great guys and flight was breathtaking.

Julie, Yuri and Ray

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Great trip was our 1st & it was unbelievable. Great Father’s Day Gift.

Joe, Jane & Anne

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

It was cool and better then video games.

New York

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

This was the most unbelievable experience of my life. My daughter Lindsey and I have seen the sights of LA, but nothing beats seeing it from the sky. The staff were extremely professional and knowledgeably of the area. A + service and I will be back!

Tom Rebozo

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Thank you Thank you Thank you! I proposed to my girlfriend in the helicopter and she said yes! Thank you Adventure Helicopter Tours for making this special day happen. Your staff is amazing and very helpful. Great time and I am the happiest guy in this planet.

Anthony Parker
Los Angeles

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Fabuloso! Oh my gosh for my first time in California to see the view from up above. This experience will always be a lifelong memory that I will never forget!

Julie Gonzales

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

I have don many things in my life and this has be one of the best. Los Angeles never looked so awesome. You will not appreciate LA till you seen it from the air.

Try this for sure!
Manny Ortega

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

This was a wonderful experience for me and my family which included my mother 65 my brother 42 my son 19 and me 36. This as you can see an adventure for all ages! This was a first for my mother and brother but the best for and my son. I would recommend this to both natives and visitors. Me and my family will be back to Philadelphia with a memorable experience.


sightseeing tours Las Vegas

The best “air ride” I’ve ever had. It’s a story you can share with your kids. The views are spectacular and the experience unforgettable. I’ll recommend this for anyone.

Absolutely unbelievable!!!
Alex and Melo

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

It was our first time flying in a helicopter and it was a life-time experience. I would recommend this flight to anyone that is visiting or to anyone that even lives here. There is a log of amazing things to see in Los Angeles and Southern California. It is absolutely an awesome time.


sightseeing tours Las Vegas

It was great. Let’s do it again!!!


sightseeing tours Las Vegas

I was a little nervous because it was my first helicopter ride, but wow! The ride was incredible! The helicopter was so smooth the views fantastic. And Avis is an experienced and knowledgeable guide. I am hooked and can’t wait to go again soon.

Misha Thomas
Austin TX

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

The crew has been fantastic. I have had the best experience in regard to client services. The tour itself was incredible. I would recommend this tour for anyone looking to have a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Barry Rogers

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

This is by far the most adventures tour we’ve taken. The tour is amazing. The beach tour is so beautiful, it’s a must. The staff is very experienced and knowledgeable. This is a must do and see for everyone. We had a great time and would highly recommend it. Thanks for making it so interesting and exciting.

Mariam & Albert

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

I’m getting my helicopter license now!!!

Cody Lurio

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Me Too!


sightseeing tours Las Vegas

Absolutely the only way to see LA! I have taken many tours before, but never gone aerial. It tops them all. Thanks for the once in a lifetime experience. Adventure Helicopter Tours have the total package.

Rachael Taylor
Seattle, Washington

sightseeing tours Las Vegas

This was a birthday gift for my girlfriend and it worked great. I chose the extra tour on top of the sunset tour #3 and it was worth it! I will be sure to do this again and book a longer tour – believe me!

A great time with all the staff
Scott Hammond

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Absolutely the most
AMAZING and breath
taking tour I have EVER
had. This was truly and
Adventure of a lifetime"

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