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R44 Helicopter
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The ROBINSON R44 RAVEN SERIES provides excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 ideal for private, business, and utility applications. A powder-coated steel-tube structure gives the R44 a rigid yet lightweight airframe, while the aerodynamic fuselage optimizes air speed and fuel economy. The R44 comfortably seats four adults, and passenger views are unobstructed due to the R44’s open cabin design. A low tail-rotor tip speed, heavy-duty muffler, and large cambered tail decrease flyover noise, resulting in a community friendly helicopter.

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R44 Seating Chart
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The ROBINSON R44 CLIPPER SERIES are Ravens equipped with seaworthy
floats and corrosion protection for over-water operations. The Clipper’s low center-of gravity provides excellent stability on water, and the float design enables safe emergency water landings and takeoffs. Special ground-handling wheels are included with each Clipper.


Available for both the Clipper I and Clipper II, fixed-utility floats add approximately 50 pounds to the aircraft’s empty weight. Fixed-utility floats remain fully inflated and reduce cruise speed by approximately ten knots.


Available only on the Clipper II, pop-out floats have the same buoyancy as fixed-utility floats. The compact, low profile design minimizes the floats’ impact on the helicopter’s cruise speed and makes it easy to get in and out of the helicopter. Pop-out floats add 65 pounds to the helicopter’s empty weight and, when not inflated, stow in snug sleeves along the skid tubes. A trigger on the collective deploys the floats, which inflate from a compressed helium-filled, carbon-fiber tank located under the left front seat.

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