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MD 520N Helicopter
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With the speed of a cheetah, the agility of a hummingbird and the presence of an EAGLE, the MD 520 NOTAR is the king of the concrete jungle. Be one of the very few people in the WORLD that have had the privilege to rip and zip through the sky in the Ferrari of helicopters. We are the ONLY tour company in LAS VEGAS to offe this one-of-a-kind helicopter. YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!

The MD 520N is a fast, agile, lightweight, turbine powered, all-purpose helicopter. Advanced
technology has been used in the design and construction of the aircraft, resulting in excellent
speed capabilities, high payload-to-empty-weight ratio, passenger/crew safety and handling and performance capabilities.

The MD 520N has been designed to allow a wide variety of rapid configuration options. The
aircraft may be converted rapidly from a personnel transport to a utility cargo configuration. Ttypical uses include:

• Airborne Law Enforcement
• Search and Rescue
• Surveillance and crowd control
• Aerial survey, patrol and photographic missions
• Forestry and fire fighting applications

The MD 520N helicopter is a turbine powered, rotary-wing aircraft constructed primarily of
aluminum alloy while the NOTAR system components are primarily graphite composites. The main rotor is a fully articulated five-bladed system that provides excellent control and
maneuverability characteristics. Power from the turbo shaft engine is transmitted through the main drive shaft to the main rotor transmission. The main transmission drives an intermediate gearbox to the NOTAR system fan. An over-running (one-way) clutch placed between the engine and main rotor transmission, permits freewheeling of the rotor system during autorotation.

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The airframe structure is egg-shaped and provides very clean aerodynamic lines. A rigid, three-dimensional truss-type structure increases crew and passengers safety by means of its roll bar design and reduces the potential for airframe collapse into the crew and passenger compartments. The airframe structure is designed to be energy absorbing while maintaining rotor hub integrity.

Fast: VNE of 175 miles per hour
154 miles per hour cruise speed

Agile: Zero 0.5 g maneuvers
NOTAR system precision attitude/directional control

Powerful: Useful load at maximum gross weight
1,764 pounds (800 kg) internal
2,264 pounds (1027 kg) external

Versatile: 20,000 foot (6096 m) Maximum Operating Altitude
Operating temperature range of -40°C to +52°C
15 degree slope landing

Safety: Elimination of tail rotor hazards. U.S. FAA, NTSB and U.S. Army Studies have shown that 21 percent of all crashes are due to tail rotor strikes or loss of tail rotor effectiveness. NOTAR systems eliminate these problems.

Environment: Quiet operations – Flyover at 500 feet AGL. Designed and tested to be 50 percent quieter than any other helicopter. This results in detection distances that are far superior to other aircraft.

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